Company Structure and Services Rendered

Multi-Pro has both nationwide and international exposure with our Head Office located in Pretoria, South Africa.

Our Project Managers are suitably qualified and registered at the appropriate Professional Bodies, [e.g. Project Management Professionals (Pr CPM) and Professional Engineering Technologists (Pr Tech)].

Project and Program Management is a delicate balance of social and technical factors.

Multi-Pro fulfills the function of overall Project and Program Management including that of the role of Main / Principal Agent and Leader of the Professional team.

The Project Management functions include the following activities throughout the total life cycle of a project:

  • Project planning, programming and monitoring, including financial control and Risk Management on behalf of the Client
  • Project co-ordination and integration of designs and construction
  • Contract administration in respect of scope, time, cost and quality
  • Contract management on a single or a series of contracts
  • Construction management

Program Management functions, which are applicable to a group of related projects managed in a co-ordinated way to obtain benefits and control not available from managing them individually, include the following:

  • Centralized co-ordination of a program and the application of broad management themes to ensure the successful accomplishment of the program
  • The planning and optimizing of various deliverables and resources in context of the overall program’s needs
  • Appropriate planning, scheduling, execution and controlling of the projects within the program with direction and guidance provided to the Project Managers
  • Return on Investment and benefit realization through sharing between projects

The success of Project and Program Management is measured in terms of the Return on Investment, new capabilities and benefit delivery.