Choosing Multi-Pro as the preferred Project and Program Managers

Multi-Pro always strives to offer a professional and independent service by qualified and experienced members to minimize risk, always acting in the best interest of the Client.

We have in-depth current experience on various types of projects, ranging from fast track, multiple and complex projects from the initiation to close-out phase by implementing Value Engineering.

We do what the Client and the project require even if it is beyond normal services.

Policies and Philosophy

Multi-Pro strives to render a professional personal service with quick reaction and continuous availability in an innovative and value adding manner. We act in the Client’s best interest and with our vast experience and knowledge offer a professional independent service by suitably qualified Project Managers, even beyond our commissioning, to address the specific needs of our Clients.

Multi-Pro is compliant to the Government’s BBBEE Legislation and more specifically to the BBBEE Charter for the Construction Sector.

Multi-Pro always endeavors to successfully complete projects on behalf of the Client within standard business practice.